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What is Coaching? Coaching is having someone in your corner for life's journey. At Salvation Coach we understand how tough life can be and we're here to help you overcome life's struggles and be triumphant. With your personal coach you have someone to confide in and someone who both has your back and who will help give you the foundation you need to move forward in life.

Do I Need Coaching? Truthfully, who doesn't need coaching? If you think about it, you've been coached since the day you were born, from learning to eat, to learning to walk, etc. Coaching is a necessary part of life. And, it doesn't stop when we're children. If anything, we need more coaching as adults as we face life's greatest challenges. At Salvation Coach, we help you face those challenges and provide God-centered guidance from the little things to life's biggest moments.

What is Salvation Coach? Salvation Coach is a coaching service providing instruction, training, personal coaching, mentoring and friendship. Through Salvation Coach one can get the help they need in both the their personal and spiritual life with God-centered and Bible-centered guidance. Salvation Coach provides a personal coach and spiritual mentor who is in your corner helping you on a consistent, ongoing basis. We want to be there for as much of your life as you invite us to be. Our goal is to work with you, providing coaching for as long as you need our services and in a way that makes you feel comfortable and encouraged. We're willing to be as involved or uninvolved in your life as you want us to be. The important thing to know is that we're here for you. We offer our coaching program with a regular or open scheduling approach so that you know we're there for you when you need us.

How does Salvation Coach work? We understand each person is different and each relationship is different and that's how we treat each person. God made you special and that's how we treat you. Once you get started with our coaching program, we will contact you and develop a personal coaching relationship with you in the way that works best for you. As we go we'll get to know each other better and our coaching "rhythm" will develop, as it does in any relationship. We're very responsive to you and what works best for you. We want you to let us know how we're doing and how we can do better. We want to know what you need and the best way for us to meet those needs. And, even if you don't know what you want or need, that's OK too. With God's help we'll figure it out.
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Can I remain anonymous? Absolutely. We value your privacy. God knows who you are so we don't have to. We understand sometimes there are issues that may feel too sensitive to share openly and that remaining anonymous may help. You are always free to share as much or as little with us as you like and, as agreed in our Terms & Conditions, everything shared between you and your life coach is always kept completely private and confidential.

Can you handle someone with a lot of "religious" baggage? You bet. We've wrestled with our own share of religious baggage and have helped many people do the same. We do our best to stick to the Bible and not add anything to it. We strive to tell it like it is, baggage free. We remain keenly aware of the "religious" world and here to help you work through the "religious funk".

Can you handle someone with a lot of sin? You bet. We ourselves are the worst of sinners. Whatever you've done we've either done it or something like it. Sin is a common thing that we're all faced with. Together we can overcome these challenges. No matter how overwhelming your sin may seem, we've seen and dealt with it all. You're among friends.

What if I don't believe in God? No problem. That's one of the reasons we're here - to help you find faith in God and grow in it. And, even if you never choose to follow God, we will always love you and extend our friendship to you. Atheist, agnostic, you name it. Wherever you're coming from we understand because we've been there, too.

How is this different than getting help from my local church? Salvation Coach is not affiliated with a man-made church or institution. Therefore, we have no agenda other than helping you personally. Often, churches will want you to become a member of their congregation - we do not require any membership. Churches often place certain personal, financial and time demands on your life to be scheduled around their calendar - we schedule around YOUR calendar. Churches often want you to attend services physically, in person - we provide our services to you wherever you are. Many churches want you to be exclusive to their congregation - we are happy to serve you with or without you being part of a church congregation. Perhaps, you have needs that your current church congregation can't meet or that directly involve the members or leadership of the church - we are an outside perspective that can help bring a Godly perspective without any congregational bias. We also allow you to remain anonymous and will protect your anonymity, as far as the law will allow, which is not possible when you are sharing within a congregation. Salvation Coach is an independent, personal ministry. We simply present the Bible and help you on a personal level. How you choose to pursue what we share with you is completely up to you.

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